Saturday, 12 April 2014

Tahiti: Palomino Princess

A few months ago, January 16 to be exact, I lost a really good friend. PJ, a horse I had been riding at Waterstone Estate and Farms for about 2 or 3 years suddenly passed away from a strangulating lipoma. I showed up at the barn after work excited to see him because I hadn’t ridden him in two weeks, but ran into the owner first, who told me she had had to put him down that day. I didn’t own him, but nothing could explain the hurt I felt. Earlier that week I had taken my fiancĂ© up to Waterstone to show him where I wanted to get married, and I introduced him to PJ for the first time. I gave him his treats and a kiss goodbye when I left, not knowing that would be my last goodbye.

For the next few weeks riding horses didn’t feel the same. It didn’t make me as happy as it had for so many years. I considered giving up but decided to keep at it because I hoped I’d fall back in love with it. And I am glad I did!

The owner bought a new mare – Tahiti (Scribble Blondiesgirl) a 14.3 hh palomino Quarter Horse. She’s petite and pretty – just like a princess. She’s also got the personality of a princess and wouldn’t do anything she didn’t want to. The first time I rode her was almost embarrassing because she wouldn’t do anything I asked of her (unless I pointed her at a jump!). I was determined to figure her out so I rode her again on Thursday night and although I struggled a little with her stubbornness at first, I think she came around and decided maybe I wasn’t so bad. The rest of our ride was amazing! She is so responsive, honest, and is a beautiful jumper. I have decided I am going to ride her every week and hopefully our good streak continues – I am sure it will. She’s done cross-country too so I’m looking forward to riding her outside once it gets warmer.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress with our new Tahitian princess and will post more pictures. These are just some of her at Waterstone.

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